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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CSSM & PBBC... love those acronyms!

CSSM: Children's Sand and Surf Mission. aka... Beach Mission

A year ago, I thought, "Next year I will go to Beach Mission!" Then hurricane Sandy hit, and we thought there might not be a beach to have a mission on. Well, NJ fixed itself up and Beach Mission was in session, first two weeks of August as usual. 

I got to hang out with a million people from Valley (really my main goal!!) and enjoy the beach with my parents. It was VERY weird being back at LBI and observing rather than participating in the mission-- the 4 girls in the top photo were in my groups when they were 7,8,& 9 years old. Times have changed!!

Then I was able to visit the Bush! Pine Bush Bible Camp!

I went up for 1 day of Teen Week and 1 day of Spanish Family Weekend. Always a good time to be at Pine Bush and see old friends! Family Weekend was a new experience for me, and really the perfect combo of my beloved Pine Bush and newly querida Campamento el Faro in Ecuador. 

Throughout my travels, Ecuador is never far from my mind. Facebook and Skype make it possible to keep up with friends down on the equator, and I plan to write a little about what's going on there in my next post!

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