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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Camp & Valley / Ecuador & NJ

First week of camp went by in a blur; a fun blur, a familiar blur, a refreshing blur, a blur blur.

A group of 10 awesome friends from Valley Bible Chapel came down to help out at Campamento el Faro de Esparanza for one week of kids' camp. The arrived on Saturday and I immediately took them up to experience life in Bastion Popular, "Block 8". They broke up into pairs and spent the night, some in bamboo houses, some with no bathrooms, all listening to a downpour on a tin roof, all under mosquito nets, and all experiencing generous hospitality like never before. 

The next day, we walked down the Bastion hill, in the pouring rain, crossed the highway, and met in my house to talk about the experience and have church time together. The team was excited after an adventurous night. I was excited to enjoy good Bible teaching in English and much needed fellowship. Afterwards, we got some chicken/rice/beans and headed out to camp.

Each Valley team member stayed in a cabin with an Ecuadorian counselor and campers (except Judy, who counseled!). They did a great job trying to communicate and connect with the kids as best as they could in Spanish, sharing Jesus' love through their interactions (MANY kids trusted in Christ as their Savior throughout the week! Praise God!!). I heard so many good things from my Ecuadorian friends about my Valley family throughout the week. I know the Valley team was here to experience camp in Ecuador and help in whatever way they could, but I was personally blessed by their presence here and feel very supported and loved by each of them! And while 10 people were sent from Valley Bible Chapel, a whole lot more were involved with the sending process, giving so generously to the process. I'm so thankful! It was great to share a small piece of my Ecuador world with my NJ world- I just love when worlds collide! 

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