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Friday, April 19, 2013

Quick, Erin! Write a new post before sending out an update email, advertising your blog that you ignore!

I survived my first season as a camp staff coordinator. Survived, yes. Enjoyed, yes. Would do it again, I don't know! Although the position has been done before, Carlos Ortega and I felt as if we were starting from ground zero, creating complex spreadsheets and new applications for campers and staff. We quickly burned ourselves out before the season started! When we were down, however, others picked up the load. We learned to delegate. Capable hands took over what we couldn't, and we were able to focus on putting together a good staff for the 4 weeks of camp.
(Don't be fooled, we had about 40 staff members every week)

Either by God's grace or our amazing organizations skills (hmm), we were blessed with an incredible staff every single week. Carlos and I were there to support them when the going got rough (minor disagreements, extreme exhaustion, scheduling conflicts/cabin coverage), but overall, our time at camp was pretty delightful. It was a weird thing to be an observer in many ways, and not directly involved with the kids and their daily camper activities. It was pretty difficult for me, and I tried to jump in as much as possible! One of the leaders from a Canadian group told me to consider the staff as my own personal campers. That helped me get a handle on what my job should look like, and I enjoyed it even more after that advice. Thanks Jeremy Marsh from Halifax!

After months of planning, and a month and a half at camp, my roommate and I needed a break. We crossed paths through some of these weeks, but the catch up was necessary. We went off to the mountains to hang out and relax.
Found some Thai food!

Now I've just finished up a week of school organization and meetings. I'll be teaching English classes this year! A change from music- but you KNOW I'll be singing with those kids! I'm also still a part of the school administration committee- which is only difficult when we're going through changes... and we're going through changes! We need a new teacher!! Ecuadorian, primary education degree- know anyone?
A few moms from moms' group

And now the activities start up! Moms' Group, Kids' Club, Youth Group, Bible Studies, Discipleship Class, Music lessons... I appreciate your prayers! I'm getting tired just thinking of it all!

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alli said...

Erin, you did a fabulous job as the staff coordinator. I just thought you should know! I was encouraged and blessed by the way you loved your 'campantes'. It made me excited for my very own staff-campers here in Nova Scotia this summer.