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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas is even busy in Ecuador!

People have been telling me that Christmas is just not a big deal here. It's a holiday for kids, and kids get excited about it, but the adults do it for the sake of the children. Maybe it's because New Year's is the adult holiday when everyone burns huge paper mache statues filled with fireworkes, and that explosive event outshines the Christmas spirit. I don't know. I can't judge that yet, since I haven't experienced it; but I will definitely be in the Christmas spirit at my house! First comes Thanksgiving!
I made my first turkey and had 15 people in my house. It was an International celebration as we gave thanks from the US, Canada & Ecuador. Then we played games until my neighbors banged on my wall because we were laughing too loudly during "siesta".
Forever a music student or teacher, my holidays revolve around Christmas concerts! These crazy kids (above) make up the Sound of Hope Band and had their first concert on Monday night (dec 6). We have an invitation to play at Linder (Clarinet)'s school on the 22nd, so the rehearsals are NOT done yet!!
The kids did a great job at their concert and lots of people came to hear and support them.

Tuesday, Willian came over to help me put up my Christmas tree and fix some lights that had burned out. I impressed on him the importance of Christmas music in the background and a nice Christmasy time, and it was great! We even had a bread guy pass by the window selling yummy treats that alllllmost resembled Christmas cookies!
Last weekend, at the camp training, I collected shells and made a shell garland for my tree with Janet Horst. Let me tell you, it was a lot of work drilling holes into shells! But definitely worth it! I have a Christmas tree with sea shells on it!

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