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Monday, December 20, 2010

More Christmas

I think this post is a procrastination excuse for cleaning my house. I'm just not in the mood! So I'll give you some more Christmasy news. We had our school Christmas play! WHEW! It went so well, the kids were SO cute and everyone did a wonderful job. There weren't even any cute mess-ups to write about. all 135 kids from the school performed and the cuteness factor was off the charts.

Last Monday, our school Mom's Bible study had a Christmas party. I got lots of useful/fun gifts and we played the White Elephant gift exchange. I thought they might be timid, but they had a great time stealing gifts from each other!
Sunday was a marathon day! We had church in the school auditorium because the POURING rain of the night before made it impossible to move the sound system back into the church. It actually worked well, because after church we had our kids club party with 78 kids! We did a Christmas skit--amazing how kids listen so much better if you have a costume on!-- all the kids did a little special number in their individual age groups, and then we fed them all spaghetti and soda and gave them goody bags. I think we all left tired and happy.We've also had some great gringo time recently. We all (minus Nikki- she had to deal with a friend's medical crisis) went out for Chinese food and then saw Narnia in 3D in ENGLISH. It was a great night, full of yummy food, delicious coffee and good conversation.

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Kim DeGregorio Roth said...

yay :-) Glad you're doing well and hope you had a great Christmas!!!