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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fiesta de Limpieza

Yesterday was the "Changing of the Flags". It's a bid deal for the students who get to be the flag bearers. My friend Jenifer, from 7th year, was chosen to carry the flag of Guayaquil because of her high grades. Here's a picture of her, her mom Tania, and her little sister Diana.Today was a cleaning day! My pictures uploaded in the wrong order, so the before picture, is actually last. And I don't think you can really tell HOW dirty the floor was with packed packed DUST. I've had a cold all week so I decided to dress like a bandit so as not to breathe in too much dust. I'm sure I still sucked in a few pounds...
We were cleaning the upstairs area of the church for Kids' Club that starts tomorrow. Willian (picture above) is in charge of kids club and organized this "Fiesta de Limpieza" (cleaning party) today. A bunch of other people from the church showed up and did a thorough cleaning of the downstairs as well.
The after picture (w/ a wet floor) is above and the before picture is below... I wish I got a before picture of the bathroom. OH MAN it was the most disgusting thing ever.
Antoinetta, the woman talking to Willian, is also helping with Kids' Club. She taught me how to get rid of the junk that we didn't want upstairs = throw it out the window! All our termite/maggot infested wood? Out the window! The black water we used to clean with? Out the window!

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Kim DeGregorio Roth said...

hah, i like that "out the window" method...seems to work in philly too, but i dont know if that's a good thing ;-)