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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mi Carro: A Tribute

I bought my car about 3 years ago after a "sequestro express" (taxi turned kidnapper/robbery) with my mom. Thankfully, we only lost Mom's camera, $35 and my little cell phone, but the robbers didn't hurt us at all. I was traumatized from getting in taxis for a long time and the Lord provided for me to be able to buy a car. One of the brother's from the Flores family (co-founders of the Bastion church and Las Jaguitas ancestry) helped me buy a reliable car: a Chevy Grand Vitara (in the US they're Suzuki).
This beasty little machine made it up the unpaved roads to Block 8 and through the Andes mountain mists of Cuenca.


My car never held more than 15 people at a time, 

it never left us stranded in the middle of nowhere, 

and was the bearer of many good gifts. 

It passed the ultimate test out in Las Jaguitas during a mission trip in Feb 2014:


This car has been a great blessing in my life and I was worried about the selling process. When I uploaded it to the Ecuadorian version of Craig's List, I had more buyers than I could handle. I was worried about the safety of meeting with random people off the internet and I wasn't psycologically ready to spend a month of buses and taxis. The first 3 people I met on a Saturday morning with all wanted to buy the car. One couple said they would deposit the money first thing on Monday morning. I was so sad to sell it but begrudgingly thankful for the quick and simple process. That "first thing Monday morning" turned into "tomorrow", "tomorrow"... "Monday". "Great! More time with my car", I thought, although I was getting nervous. 
Just then a sister of the Flores family (remember? the ones from Las Jaguitas who helped me get the car in the first place??) told me that she wanted to buy the car to travel more easily to Last Jaguitas! Long story short, the Lord provided for the other man not to buy the car and for Lilian to buy it! Today we signed the papers and they insisted that I drive the car until I leave Ecuador. What a blessing!

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