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Friday, June 5, 2015

Blogging Again... Maybe

Yesterday, I had the idea that I should start blogging again. I thought I could post 1 picture every day to show a little about life in Ecuador. I had that great idea, but didn't do anything about it. Let's see how long this lasts! To start off, I'll post some pics from yesterday:

School: I taught a 7:15 music class. Recorders at 7:15 will wake you up! Then I walked past the library and just loved watching story time.

I went to the best-cook-in-Ecuador's house for lunch. That should always be my plan! Shrimp soup, fresh veggies, rice, fried fish and cold, fresh passion fruit juice. I allllmost finished all this food! We had a lovely time together and talked for a few hours.

Then I went to pick up some girls from the school to bring them to a meeting downtown. We stopped for some ice cream-- but ended up finding frozen yogurt! Score!

The girl on the right mixed her 3 flavors all together and made that appetizing brown mush while her little sister asked for all 6 flavors and all the toppings. I think she had a stomachache later. Later that evening, on the car ride home, we played that classic car game Guess-the-exact-minute-we'll-arrive-at-your-house and they laughed and shrieked and had so much fun. They don't have an easy life at home and are still missing their mom who passed away a year and a half ago. It was a special time with these two girls. :)

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