He has shown you, oh man, what is good and what the Lord requires of you: to walk justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Monday, January 20, 2014

It Just Keeps Getting Better

I sat back and listened with a huge grin on my face. Around the circle sat about 8 teenagers talking about what method they should use to read the Bible in a year. The 17 year old girl, a natural leader, was the initiator and the younger guys were caught up in the excitement. The kids planned and planned and then looked to the 2 twenty-something church leaders for approval. One of them brought up the idea of a memorization plan and that was approved by the kids. A Facebook page to keep us accountable? Meetings on Saturdays? Done and done.

Purity Pledges - 1 year ago
That afternoon, I walked with that same 17 year old girl and her good friend to get coffee. We talked about school and home responsibilities and plans for the future. These 2 are serious about their relationship with God. While the first was excited to share the Bible reading plan with the other, the second talked about her idea to have a church girls group meeting. She wants to share her testimony with the younger girls in the church and tell them how wonderful it is to live a life for God.

These ideas seem to be just pouring out of the youth right now. The Holy Spirit is working big time around here. I'm not putting out ideas for projects or events or commitments. I just want to sit back and say, "Bring it on!" I'm here and available to help in whatever way I can- but all initiative is coming from others! "Sure, I'll sign a contract to read my Bible with you in a year." "Please use my house for your girls' meeting." Then today, a school mom asked if she can show the Dobson parenting video series to the other moms in her child's grade. She's doing the inviting and planning. "OK!!"

And after all that (yesterday-Sunday and this morning-Monday) a friend called me to ask a question about a Bible study we're doing. I went over to her house between my classes and we looked over her questions. Then she opened her Bible to show me where she signed her own commitment certificate, professing to believe in Jesus' death for the forgiveness of her sins. She dated it today, Jan 20, 2014! Praise the Lord!

What will God bring in these next 24 hours??

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Barrie Facente said...

So exciting to hear how the Lord is moving with the youth! PTL for the encouragement this is for you. No doubt an answer to prayer!