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Friday, October 28, 2011

October in Ecuador

So, what's been going on in October? I hear that leaves are falling, pumpkins are being picked and snow is predicted up in NJ! What's up with that?! As usual, life is different on the Equator. We're just finishing up our 2nd trimester at school, and we've been very busy. We had our 2nd Mom's Presentation or "Tarde de Mujeres". We had a better turnout this time, with about 50-60 women! These ladies below were the leaders, the faithfuls that come every Monday to the meetings. We've been going through the Dobson Parenting videos, and the Moms are really enjoying it.

Hm I can't figure out how to turn this picture! Sorry. Turn your head or computer please. This is a house that we visited on Kindergarten visitation day. One room house with a bed in one corner and a stove in the other. The oldest girl doesn't go to school (her mom has never signed her up), but came to camp this year and trusted in Jesus as her savior!! Her little sister started school with us this year because their neighbors (a good friend of mine) did all the work to register her.

Speaking of school, we recently went on a field trip. Now, the teacher in me thought "what is educational about this???" while the missionary in me thought, "THIS is what kids should do!"

Have you ever seen kids having so much fun on a see-saw? They played and played in the park before the bus took us over to the water park- basically a jungle gym placed in a wading pool.

The kids had a blast. I remember playing in parks with my brothers as a kid, and I'm glad our kids could enjoy a morning of fun with their friends. We had them all paired up, little kids with big kids, and it was so cute to see the older ones watching out for the little kids.

And finally... the bachelorette party!!
My roommate Lili announced a month ago that she's getting married! After that shock wore off, she announced that it'd be in 3 weeks!! We threw her a quick party at my house with some of her family and friends. We played "The Game of Things" and drank punch that all the Ecuadorians thought was alcoholic cause they've never had punch before (but it REALLY WASN'T). Now the first big day is upon us. We'll accompany her at the civil service this morning and her church wedding is tomorrow! I love how everyone has helped get everything together to make a great wedding for her, and it's been done all under a month. Lili's been very busy, but happy and excited. That's how wedding planning should be done!

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Heather Harris said...

Hi Erin

This is Heather from California that prayed with you guys over the phone last Friday :) I was looking at your profile on CMML and came to check out your blog. Great blog, look forward to reading through it! I was curious to know how the Lord led you to Ecuador? Elisabeth and Jim Elliot have been some of the most influential people in my life and I wondered if they were somehow an encouragement to you that led you to Ecuador? Is there a post on here that shares that story? Love to hear it :)