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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kids teaching their parents

On Mondays, I co-lead a Bible study for moms from our school. We've been having it at my house, which has really changed the environment and led to more conversation and discussion. I feel like I'm getting to know these women much better this year. Yesterday, one of the women started talking about her daughter's first communion and how her daughter, a 5th grader in the school, doesn't want to follow the Catholic traditions. This started a very interesting conversation among the moms about how their kids teach them about the Bible. Many of them are nominal Catholics, and when they talk to their kids about spiritual things, their kids show them where passages are in the Bible and they actually respect their kids' guidance! One mom, who trusted in Christ a few years ago and is just recently coming out to church and Bible studies, told us that she was a very devout Catholic, but she knew that her sons were studying in a Christian school and learning a lot about the Bible. She didn't force them to make their first communion, and now she wants to be baptized along with her sons. I know that our kids are getting a Christian education, and our hope is that it influences the homes as well; but on Monday, I found out that it really does! Hopefully we have 140 little missionaries out in the homes of Bastion, spreading the Gospel with their families.Here's a picture of one of moms with her husband and school kids. Jennifer, on the left, is the girl who does not want to do her first communion, and her mom respects her decision. Recently this family has also been coming out to church Bible studies/Prayer meetings as well.

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