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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Conversations from Week 2


Dina: Erin, you can make the juice. Get that pitcher out of the fridge and then wash your hands really well.

Me: (looking at a pitcher with a suspicious floating brown blob) This pitcher?

Dina: Yes. Just stick your hands in there and play with it.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that it really looked more like a brain than a brown blob. “It looks like a brain!” I exclaimed, and Dina assured me that it really was fruit. A “tamarindo” I think. I finally did stick my hands in there and mushed up that brown, brainy, blob. A strainer and some sugar later, the juice was quite tasty.

Yesterday was my 2 week anniversary! It’s pretty amazing to think about what has happened these past 2 weeks… I arrived, my house was finished, I moved in, I’ve scoped out 2 churches and a bunch of different ministries, I’ve gotten to know my colleagues at school, made some new friends… J

We spent this past weekend at the beach. We had a school staff meeting, with all of the school personnel, at the Playas camp. It was a productive and fun weekend! OH the ocean was beautiful! I think the Pacific Ocean must be God’s bathtub. It was so warm!! My sunscreen worked well and I’m happy to announce that I was not burnt to a crisp in the Equatorial sun; although my shoulders are definitely not pasty white anymore. Let me give you a little list of 10 “Wow-I’m-in-Ecuador” moments…


1. I’m getting some color!

2. I like to use my computer in my hammock on my back patio.

3. I’m eating plantain chips (platanos fritos y platons maduros= yum!).

4. I make juice with fruit and a blender- just finished off some strawberry juice.

5. I’ve eaten shrimp and rice for breakfast… TWICE.

6. I hung out of a full bus, like literally on that step that you use to get on, to go to the store.

7. I leave doors and windows wide open and don’t worry about bugs.

8. I enjoy cold showers every day.

9. I went to an Iguana Park, just a little plaza in the city that has tons of huge iguanas roaming around.

10. I ride in cars whose drivers think they are in a video game.

I’ll end with another recent conversation between Janna (picture) and myself.

Janna: Erin, do you want a MiniEgg? Someone brought them to me from Canada.

Me: Sure!

Janna: They have ants on them, but you just blow them off. You’re a missionary.

And sure enough, she handed me a chocolate Cadbury egg crawling with ants.

Janna: Blow!

And I blew. And I ate.

OTHER PICTURES: 1-Dina and I, 2-Shrimp breakfast on the beach, 3-My cabin and fellow teachers, 4- Willian and Janna


Beth said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're getting right into things there. I am really looking forward to reading about all that you do with your time there.

Larissa said...

Wow Erin! That sounds so awesome, it makes me want to come and live with you! Hmmm...maybe I'll have to come visit sometime. :) I'm so glad things are going smoothly and you're doing so well adjusting! Love ya lots!

Conspicuo y Perspicuo said...

Hello Erin
Gladdens me a lot like you live in Guayaquil.
This city is solidaria and a lot mas in poor zones.
It receives my sincere felicitaciones by the labor that realize.
Kisses and embraces from Guayaquil_Ecuador.
Good morning Give us God.

Conspicuo y Perspicuo

Heather said...

Erin...love hearing about what's going on over there! Hysterical ant story! Love you! :-)