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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Old Year New Year

Old Year New Year was the title of my newsletter. It was in reference to the great piece of literature Old Hat New Hat by Dr. Seuss, but I'm not sure that was picked up on by any of my readers. So I'm explaining it here to all of cyberspace. Whew. Glad that's out there.

So first news first. My visa application is now flying over Central America, on it's way to Ecuador! See me jumping for joy?! :) Well that's actually a picture from the CMML Camp of the Woods youth retreat that we all went on last weekend. It was great! So, anyway, now starts the process of waiting and praying that my visa goes through without any problems!

Meanwhile... let me give you a glimpse of life in NJ... Valley youth group is going strong! Somehow we managed to finagle the girls into helping us decorate our Christmas tree for the 2nd year in a row. I highly recommend them, for any of you out there who are as lazy as we are!
Then I get to hang out with the other youth group girls at fun places like On the Border where they like to experiment with chili peppers.

Here's a family Christmas picture for ya... The game of the year this year was Set! Thank you Ecuador (I played it there)! This was actually Jonny's first time playing, and as you can see from my mom's position, it was a riveting end to a great Christmas Eve!

So that's the news from the front at the moment. Star of Hope Ministries in Paterson, and Spanish Music curriculum research & writing are keeping my days filled up, as well as getting ready to move to Ecuador! Thanks for reading! We'll keep in touch...

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