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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm in love.
I had a great honeymoon.

No, I didn't go off and get married. The honeymoon stage is the 1st stage of Culture Shock, and that's what I was able to experience in my 2 weeks in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

I was able to meet all of the missionaries that work in Guayaquil from MSC Canada (http://www.msccanada.org/) and learn about the plethora of ministries that they are all involved with. They have a school, 2 churches, a camp and a river/jungle ministry to name a few. I am particularly interested in the school and teaching music again!!
Grades K-6. It was a whirlwind of a 2 weeks, and now I'm back to the US to work on getting a long term Visa.

I am realistic. I know that honeymoon stage is followed by "horror" (not fun. I experienced it in Paraguay and I know I'll go through it again in Ecuador.) BUT I am so excited about the ministry opportunities in Guayaquil and I think it's a really good spot for me. And the fact that they have all of the seasons of the Office and Boy Meets World only adds to my confirmation. That... and the yummy shrimp ceviche, gorgeous camp on the Pacific Ocean, and mango smoothies every day...

Since I've been home, I must admit that I am enjoying the luxuries and commodities of everyday life: hot water (in showers and tap), ice cubes (that I don't have to remember to fill with purified water... I almost accidentally destroyed our bodies by filling the trays with tap water), flushable toilet paper (a luxury that I will enjoy but not get used to), heat inside when it's cold outside, wearing sweaters and coats, not adjusting a bug net over my bed, jumping in a car to go anywhere I want (this is still absolutely mind blowing), free calls and texts to Verizon customers, and hanging out with my friends and family! What a life!

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Janna said...

hey Erin! cute pic of you and Jeni...i am glad to hear it was such a great couple of weeks for you! Did you go through the music box?...find anything helpful? and I am assuming that Nikki got you all the contact info that you need to start the visa process!? enjoy being home for a bit!!! :)