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Friday, October 30, 2009

Birthday Friends

I (Erin) am back! That last post was written by Bobby, who was here in Paraguay for 5 weeks. He left on Wednesday, we did 6 more programs, and we are now FINISHED with Tekove! It's a very strange feeling. Everything's coming to a close!
If you are not on my email list, let me give you the rundown. I had my 2nd Paraguayan Birthday party last Saturday, and that was really fun. Birthday's are a big deal here, and I received so many wonderful messages from friends. My friends from the Red (picture #1) also prayed for me and my future, which was really special.

Picture #2 is the first crowd that came to the party, but many of them had to leave early. This picture also only shows 3 of the 10 Germans who were there. I was sung Happy Birthday in SO
many languages!!

Picture #3 is round 2 of guests. 2 of them came with a car, so this group was able to stay later since they didn't have to worry about taking a bus late at night.

On Sunday, we went out for Bobby's "Despedida" (Going away party). I just thought I'd throw up another picture of my bestest friend in Paraguay!! (Natalia, in the purple)

And finally, picture #5 is God's little coincidence for me. This little girl was at our LAST Tekove show, wearing, not a uniform like most kids, but a Guayaquil tshirt- the city that I'm going to in Ecuador. I've NEVER seen someone with a Guayaquil tshirt on here, or anywhere for that matter. Of all the cities, countries, places in the world, and days to choose to not wear her uniform, this girl wore her Guayaquil shirt on my last day of Tekove as I pray to go to a new ministry in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Pretty cool.

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