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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Diapers, Bananas, and Fun Weekends

Wow. Where did I last leave you? Ah yes, swine flue. I'm happy to report that everything is pretty much back to normal. We're in the middle of our 4th program where we're talking about sin and forgiveness. How else to do that than by using a freshly made poopy diaper, asking a kid to smell it, and then say, "that's what our sin is like!" We also make kids smash bananas in each others' faces, and then make them forgive each other. Beautiful! It's really amazing to be able to talk about sin and Jesus' forgiveness in all of the schools! At the end of the program, we even pray with them, and I like to sneak a peak and see which of the hundreds of kids seem to be seriously talking with God during this time. Many are! Pray for us!!

Weekends have been busy and fun. 2 weekends ago, I went to the Red retreat.
It's crazy to believe that exactly 1 year earlier, I went to this same camp with the same people (but i couldn't really talk to many people or understand most of what was going on around me. This year was a BIG improvement). It was an awesome weekend. There were probably about 60 of us- I think EVERY friend I have in Paraguay was there. It was awesome! The theme of the retreat was "Entrega Absoluta", like, "Give it all up". The music was really really fun and well done. We stayed up late playing lots of crazy games and drank lots of "mate" (a cultural loose tea that you drink through a shared straw... wonderful for building imune systems) cause it was really really cold!
Some amigas from church
Natalia, ?, Diana, Anita
(I sleep at Natalia's house every weekend)
lunch time

This weekend, was the 72nd anniversary of my church here in Asuncion. The weather changed just for our weekend, and the sun is hot, the mosquitos are biting and my loose fitting, coolest possible clothing is coming back! I packed up my stuff and headed into Asuncion for the weekend. At 9:00am Sat morning, we were practing with the music team. We played for HOURS and it was really fun. I sang 2 solos by Chrystal Lewis: "El Cordero y el Leon" The Lion and the Lamb and "A Dios Sea la Gloria" To God be the Glory. She definately has a different style than me, but it was fun to be challenged to sing these songs. I think I did well, cause my friend told me that I made Chrystal Lewis sound like a "poroto"- a bean.

Now I'm off for Sunday night tradition w/Ruth: Guacamole, salsa, chips and Gilmore Girls!

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ashley said...

Ohhhhh! I miss gilmore girls and guacamole!! i miss you, ruth, and the kids more though! great post. made me nostalgic for paraguay. love ya hermana!!!!!