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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

La Gripe A

Kids with "tapa bocas"
Remember back a few months ago when everyone was pretty concerned about the swine flu? Well, we finally agree that it's a big deal down here in South America. Schools were canceled last week to help fight off new infections and now that school has started again, everyone is being very cautious. Since we go into ever school in Limpio, we get to see their different techniques. 1 school sprays every kid with disinfectant hand gel every 40 minutes. Another school takes each child's temperature before entering the school. A principal of another school welcomes every incoming child, teacher, or Tekove member with "are you sick?". All the schools send home any students with runny noses or any other hint of a cold. (This made my 2 sneezes during my conversation with Pedro-the Puppet very embarrassing!!)

We're doing our part with puppets, too. Pedro won't give me a kiss or a high five at the end of our conversation because of "La Gripe AH1N1 (pronounced Ah-a-che-uno-e-ne-uno)".

SWAM update
I gave out the last of the socks today. 180 kids may have warmer feet tonight. --very important considering it's been veeeeeeeeeery cold lately! The 2 pairs of pants I'm wearing at the moment are just 1 indication...

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Barrie said...

Please keep washing your hands. I'll keep praying for the germ control as well as the Lord giving "good judgement" to both administrators and parents involved. Who knows how the Lord will use this situation for His glory!