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Friday, September 5, 2008

A Winter Week in Paraguay

Green and pink trees,
Not a snowflake in sight;
Flowers blooming everywhere,
The sun's hot and bright

Winter week in Paraguay
What will you get?
Some days are hot
And some days are wet.

Day number one
is a beautiful day
Tee shirt and jeans
It feels like our May.

Day number two
gets hotter yet.
Break out the shorts
And don´t get upset.

Day number three
hit 40 Degrees
For all you in Fahrenheit
That's like 103!

And just when you think
You can´t take anymore
Here comes the rain
A crazy downpour!

Thunder and lightning
storms into the night
But I LOVE storms like this
They don't give me a fright.

Day number 5
I can't remember hot weather
All the clothes that I brought
are as light as a feather.

Friday let's go
Buy scarves, gloves and a hat
At school today a moth
was as big as a bat!

Saturday day seven
the sun has returned!
It's back to the flip flops.
See how much you've learned!

Hanna and I (from my Spanish school) stopped to warm up with
a cup of hot chocolate during our recent excursion around Asuncion.

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Jaime said...

hey erin! i liked your poem!! Wait so winter week....there is only one week of winter there? and it was hot for half of it?? that's crazy, i'm guessing you they don't snowboard there!! what a shame :-). Hope your having a good time, i've been praying for you!

erin said...

Thanks for commenting Jaime!! noooope, no snowboarding. heheh :) Their winter is during our summer, so it's coming to an end now. But right now it's COLD! brrr! Everyone says to enjoy it because intense heat is around the corner.