He has shown you, oh man, what is good and what the Lord requires of you: to walk justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hello again, from sunny, hot, Asuncion, Paraguay. I uploaded some pictures of the activities of the past week. Saturday was the dinner at the Annex. Sunday, I went to another annex of Independencia Church with Mariana's sister and brother-in-law. They were having a "despedida" (going away) for a Paraguayan missionary woman. They gave her gifts and talked about how important she has been to all of them. Then we ate rice and sausage and sopa paraguaya (kind of like corn bread). Monday, I went to the market with Hanna and bought some random things that I need (like tissues cause it was winter 4 days ago!!) and a shirt that doesn't fit. Tuesday, I went back to the Bible club in San Lorenzo. We had a total of 3 programs in the afternoon, and I actually took part in the dramas! I helped with the sound system, the memory verse, and was the lion in Daniel-in-the-lion's-den. The kids were very attentive. The last school we visited was in an extremely poor neighboorhood and Mirian told me that most of the kids in this school do not have dads at home. We stayed for a little while after the program and the kids jumped on/wrestled/played with Benji, the director of the club. That was a great time for them. Tuesday was also Ruth's birthday and a bunch of her friends came over for a barbeque. We ate hamburgers outside and I continued to practice my Spanish :)
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