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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mom's Visit! focusing on the good...

I just dropped Mom off at the airport. So sad. It was SO fun to have here here with me!! I have to be careful how I phrase the description of our time together because of the incident. I won't say any more about it, since it's still pretty traumatic to describe. Feel free to read about it here. So, how was our time? Being with my mom was GREAT! We also did a lot of fun things. We did normal life and special trips. Here's a little picture show of our time...
Mom delivered some birthday presents! Thanks Aunt Mary Ann from Jose! He LOVED his new clothes, cars and sunglasses!

Mom and I went to the mountains! Below is the city of Cuenca, where we enjoyed beautiful views and had fun exploring. The altitude, 2500m or 8202ft is pretty impressive, and we might have experienced a little altitude sickness. Should've had those coca leaves to munch... ;)
The cool weather was beautiful!!

My Bastion friends treated Mom well! She got a massage at one house and a manicure at another! As well as some delicious food...

The Fruit Loop story:
Eddison won $100 in a race. He told me that all of that money went to his family for food, and mentioned, "I just wish I could have bought Fruit Loops. I've never tried them, and I bet they're good." $100 and he just wanted Fruit Loops! And there was no money left after the family essentials. After he helped me in my garden one afternoon, I gave him a box and he was ecstatic! Later that day, he told me that he finished the whole box while doing his homework. Love that boy!!

I've started a new incentive program in my music classes. Students who behave earn stars. 5 stars= a private piano lesson. This was Felix's first lesson. He was excited!!

Mom loved this 13 day old baby (Aunt Mary Ann, she's your sponsored boy's new little sister). Pray for her mom, Flor, who's having some complications after the C-section.
Oh yeah, I know what I'm doing!! I had the privilege of using Nikki's Vitara for a week and I'm proud to announce I now know where the radiator is and how to check for water, as well as drive in traffic and stop on hills with a stick shift in Guayaquil. Could not be prouder!!

Don't you love walking down the street and getting attacked with a hug that won't let go?

The COLORS at the market are so beautiful. These women next to my mom listened to us speak English and then spoke to each other in Quichoa (language from the mountains)


Sarah said...

How fun to see these pictures! Looks like a wonderful time. I'm loving the fruit loop story. Oy. Makes my stomach hurt, just thinking about eating a whole box in one sitting! =)

Nikki said...

a. I love that Felix FINALLY got to play the piano

b. You found my radiator, you are pro girl!

heather said...

I am indeed impressed that you are driving around that crazy city!!
And those hug attacks around Bastion - I am missing those SO much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures Erin, they are great. I love reading your updates. Always praying for you, grateful for your safety and your example as always. Love you!

Kim DeGregorio Roth said...

Glad you are safe. Craziness. Looks like you & your mom had a great time together :-) Skype again soon???