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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Day of Great Mail

I got my visa today!! WOOHOO! Next step: Plane Ticket! I'll keep you updated.

The other thing that came in today was a book and CD of traditional Spanish folk songs and games. I was very excited to find this material at the recent music educator's conference last weekend, and I thought the price of $24.95 was appropriate. You may all disagree with me after I disclose its unfortunate content.

Ah yes. Back to music teaching. That means, back to listening to kids songs ad nauseam. I love it! Today I sat down with my new book & cd, El Patio de Mi Casa, and this is what I found:

Song #1: The donkey is leaving, the donkey is gone, the donkey drowned, the donkey is you.
Song #2: Mercedes is already dead. It's true cause I saw her. Mercedes has died and we are in mourning.
Song #3: (to be played with a kid lying on the floor) Emiliano is not here. go see if he is dead.... he already died!
Song #4:I have a doll, dressed in blue. little white shoes and an apron of tulle. I took her to the market and she got constipated.

OK maybe you're thinking, Erin, You should go back to language school. I don't think you have as good a grasp on the Spanish language as you may think. Sorry folks. Those are the actual translations from the book that is open on my desk.

That being said, anyone have any good Spanish kids' music?


Beth said...

There's always "La Cucaracha". :)

This post reminded both Josh and me about one of the puppet scripts Bumbles had for CSSM. We were reading through it and at one point one of Josh's lines was "Dog is dead." Oh how we laughed. But really, what are they thinking sometimes with these things? I hope you find...um...better music before you get down there.

Anonymous said...

Erin, that is BIZARRE!!! Is it a cultural thing do you think?