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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Now THAT'S an extension chord

These are all the kids in a new little school in a developing area. See that one building with the roof? They've divided that into 2 rooms, and different grades meet in the morning and the afternoon: Kindergarten-4th grade.They don't have any electricity so we need to get it from the neighboors... 

Do you see that white house 
in the background? Do you see that house BEHIND that house? That's the
 closest house we could find  with electricty. 5 extension chords later (and we're talking big,
 heavy-duty extension chords) we were able to reach our sound system!

a picture of my friends from the "Red de Universitarios y Profesionales Cristianos", or the "Red" for short. (Net of Christian University Students and Professionals, or the "Net" for short).  Last friday was Labor Day, and we spent the whole day on the soccer field! :)

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Juliet said...

Yay I love that you posted a picture of YOU! Your friends look nice!

It is really unfathomable to think that some kinds don't have electricity at school. A good reminder to be thankful for so much that I have.

I love your blog!!