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Friday, May 22, 2009

Life in Paraguay

Last weekend, a girl from the Red and my church was baptized. Here's a pic of all of us church/Red friends. Afterwards, we went to the mall for something to eat and then we couldn't find a bus home. We ended up taking 3 busses to get closer to Limpio, and then a taxi the rest of the way, arriving WAY too late to have energy for Tekove programs the next day. Oh well! It was an adventure!
Last weekend, Ruth and I went on a book hunt. The American Christian school in Asuncion was selling it's old books for 20 cents each, so Ruth wanted to suppliment her already huge library. We came back with 150 books- many of which are FAVORITES of mine from childhood: Boxcar Children, Babysitter's Club, American Girl (yes, British Ruth bought this for her daughter on my reccomendation)... We also got some good adult fiction and I already finished reading John Grisham's The Testament. It was great!!

Here's a picture of my church, for those of you interested.....

I was a little worried about electricution with that mic going into the baptismal!

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Juliet said...

Yes the electricity and water combination is worrisome!

Thanks for sharing so many pictures, it's great to be able to see your life down there!