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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Aqui Estoy

Cooking, cooking, cooking. You have to eat, so you have to do it. This is a picture of Natalia and I making some food for 25/30 people. Last weekend we went on a retreat- a group called the Red. "Red" means "net" and it's the group of Christian universitary students and young professionals here in Paraguay. It's a big mix of denominations and everyone in the group is really great (except for the guy who thinks I'm a spy-- because all American missionaries are spies apparently--and I'm bringing back information about Paraguay to the United States government- yes, I ACTUALLY had this conversation with someone). So anyway, the retreat was at a beautiful campsite about an hour by bus from where I live (about 3 hours from Asuncion, so I got lucky!). We played volleyball and ping pong and lounged in a gorgeous pool as well. My favorite part about the Red is the worship time. We take out these packets of songs and call out whatever one we want to sing. Many of them are Spanish translations of well-known English praise songs. My favorite, though, is "Aqui Estoy" by Jesus Adrian Romero. The chorus goes like this:
No tienes que buscar a nadie mas yo quiero ir/ You don't have to look for anyone else, I want to go
Aqui esta mi tiempo, aqui estan mis horas/ Here is my time, here are my hours
Aqui estoy yo/ Here I am
Mi vida es para ti y en ti la quiero yo invertir/ My life is for you and in you i want to invest it
Aqui estan mis manos, aqui esta mi voz/ Here are my hands, here is my voice
Aqui estoy yo. Aqui estoy yo./ Here I am. Here I am.

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Jose said...

Well Erin... let's see... You constantly update people back home on what you're doing over there... Does that count as reporting? And if a teacher, cop, or municipal worker who could be a friend and is reading the blog, they technically work for the government (state, municipal, etc). So, I guess by their definition you are as spy!!