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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cows Frogs & Mosquitoes

Good morning friends! I’m reporting that all is moving along nicely here in Limpio Paraguay! I apologize for my lack of Blog posts— getting out to the internet cafes is a little harder than I expected. I’ll try to give you a picture of where I am…

  • If my fan is not blowing at full speed, I wake up to the sounds of birds, roosters and cows. Nope, I’m not on a farm, but everyone seems to have their own cows, chickens and other animals roaming around their property. The missionaries that I’m living with do not, but every immediate neighbor does. Yesterday a rooster was blocking my path to the little plank bridge that I needed to cross. This is so weird for me.
  • We’re in a pretty small town- one traffic light- but it seems to have most of the stuff you need in a town. I can walk to change money or go to the grocery store.
  • Bugs- not as bad as I suspected! There are a lot of blood sucking mosquitoes but we have these cool mosquito repellent things to plug into the wall while we sleep- and that seems to keep them away! The cicadas are incredibly noisy at night. I’ve never heard such a sound!! The only cockroaches that I’ve seen have been outside and dead. That’s how I like them. There are 3 frogs that live in the pathway between the house and the fence that I have to use everyday. I’m not too fond of walking through that space at night- one of the frogs is a little bigger than a softball! Eww!
  • It gets really really hot during the day- almost unbearable if you're in the sun. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem that hot inside though, with the helicopter-speed fans. At night we can cool off in the above ground pool that Benji and Ruth have in their backyard.

Well that’s it for now! I hope you can “see” where I’m living! We’re keeping really busy with preparing for our presentations that start in March. We’re writing and practicing skits (where I have to speak some Guarani! Yikes!!) and I’ve been doing a lot of secretarial paper work for the program. We’re pretty organized and work really well together! Thanks for reading my blog :)

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