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Monday, August 25, 2008

An International Experience

Kenya, USA, Germany

My Spanish classes are going pretty well. Right now, I'm working in 3 different levels at the same time: Intermedio with 3 Brazilians, Level 4 by myself, and Superior A with 1 Brasilian woman (In the picture right here). The picture above is with the people that I started with. I'm not actually in class with them anymore, but I see them during my breaks.

Check out the website at for my Language Institute http://www.idipar.edu.py/! It's a cute little institute, with really small classes. There's a coffee machine and sometimes the administration, a really nice older woman, brings around freshly baked chipa (a cheesy kind of pastry). There's also a beautiful backyard with a porch swing where I like to go during breaks or study before class.

Iglesia Independencia

Last night, an Argentine man came and spoke at Independencia (the church). He's the director of the 100 voice Assembly Choir in Argentina, and directs while playing his trumpet! He's very well known in Argentina (and probably here in Paraguay too!) and he's here for the 100 year celebration that will officially happen this weekend.

Brendas Blog from Paraguay: Widow Maker
Daniel & Mariana introduced me to another American-in-Paraguay Site, and she has a shower story too!!


Brenda said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Maybe we will catch up with each other one of these days here in Paraguay. Certainly if you ever need anything, don´t hesitate to contact me, I can send you my phone number to your email.

I reccomend using flip flops in the shower when you use a widow maker. I reccomend wearing them any time you use appliances here in Paraguay because most of them are not grounded.

Nice to cyber meet you! I´ll be checking out your blog frequently!

Jose said...

Hey Erin, you're pointing at Florida in this picture. You should be pointing at NJ! C'mon! Good job!

erin said...

In my defense, I couldn't see where i was pointing and my legs hurt from squating awkwardly for so long! Anway, it's better than the photo that the German guy got. I'm pointing to Mexico in his picture.